Out of many words that I have been hearing one that keeps coming back is ‘bill’ with the Indian political stage upbeat for the upcoming elections, share amount of ‘bills’ have been floating inside the ‘temple of democracy’. Some getting passed, some getting rejected, eventuating into a state being born, people resigning, govt. falling, well its been a ‘bill’ season.

The word has brought a self revelation, that I myself should not shy away from using it. Why? Three past instance and I am done:
  • Consultation: Went to a clinic for child’s check up – Consultation fees Rs. 150, gave the amount then bought required medicine. Just shelled close to Rs. 500 and looks like nothing happened- Huh?. Had to ask the store explicitly for the bill and he was happy to oblige, the same with Dr’s receptionist he said ‘ask and you will get’ :). Well, once the bills was at hand felt happy – that hard earned money got accounted.
  • Tiffin centres: Standard tiffin centre (medium sized  restaurant) , other day got my morning breakfast and had to request for bill, owner gave a stamped bill from a bill book that looked largely unused (though first he had to search where it was).
  • Petrol Bunk: Usually after filling for the required amount I just drive off, but this time requested for the bill and got one. Felt good, that the amount got registered.
  • There are lot other places too – like Kirana store, drycleaners, bakeries, etc… {Surely my ‘pani poori’ wala doesn’t have it and I forgive him for that :) }
Take aways:
  • Small part: Once the vendor has issued a ‘pakka’ bill, the money is account and vendor can’t evade it. Felt it is  small way of keeping a check of the money that flows in the market. Else, all this small hard earned money  becomes ‘black’.
  • No issue: If any vendor refuses to give you the bill, no issue if you can do away with the guy, and find an alternative then great. Else pray that one day he would.
Hope that we do see clean money floating around and every penny gets account, by asking two simple words: “Bill please…”

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