As a catholic, one thing that has always kept us unique in all respect is the ‘resurrection’ ~ the hope and the very foundation of our belief. But, today I would like to dig a bit deeper into two of the after events of the resurrection, drawing all the inspiration from John’s gospel.

As the early fathers have rightly mentioned “John’s gospel as the wading pool in which babies can swim and it can also be a river where elephants can drown”. Today it would be ok, for us being children.
Let’s go straight to John 20 and catch the scene during the wee hours of the “first day of the week”. Mary Magdalene has already informed the disciples of what she just witnessed (“…Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed…” – cf Jn 20:1) and has now come back the second time near the tomb, her state of shock has given way to mourning (“…Mary stood weeping outside the tomb…” – cf Jn 20:11) While peeping inside, she doubly check’s only to find two angels in white, unabated by their presence and question she keeps focus on the ‘subject’ in her reply, “They have taken my Lord…” – (cf Jn 20:13)

Now, comes the interesting part, she exits the conversation and turns around to see ‘Jesus’ (only not to recognize HIM, yet). She is confronted the second time, this time by Lord himself, “Woman, why are you weeping” (cf Jn 20:15). Obviously looking not interested, “She thought it was the gardener…”. Aha… she thought? Why did she thought so, one take is the obvious that she was ‘caught’ up so much in the ‘loss’ that she was not able to focus. But, there is something else that I would like to point, what happened to the physical appearance of ‘Jesus’ that she had to think that it was the ‘Gardner’. Was HIS face covered or so? or was he in disguise? Isn’t it obvious that we look at a person while we talk? If so, yet she was not able to make out. Let’s park the ‘Gardner’ title here… as to what happened next we all know, “Mary” callout from Lord and the “Rabbouni” confession from her.
Fast forward to Jn 21, Peter has already voiced his opinion “I am going fishing.” – (cf Jn 21:3). Following, the suit is the bunch of other disciples. Night passed and there net has not seen a fish yet, look who came visiting on daybreak – Jesus. He called out “Children, have you caught anything to eat?” – (cf Jn 21:5). Aha… the callout “Children” and it seems like the disciples (who are overgrown adults) are not finding it rather un-usual that someone as young as 33yr old is calling them “Children” or is it the stature that Jesus now takes is not the one of a young adult but of an ‘Elderly’. Let’s park this also here… as we know what happened next, the disciples caught 153 fishes, John confessing “It is the Lord” and Peter not able to confine, jumped and led just the same way he had led others towards ‘fishing’.

Off the shore, Jesus has a perfect seashore breakfast setup and he invited them by “Come, have breakfast.” (cf Jn 21:12). But, the disciple “None… dared to ask him, “Who are you? Because they knew it was the Lord” (cf Jn 21:12). The thought that looms around me, why is there a need to ask – “Who are you”. Isn’t it obvious by his appearance that he is ‘Jesus’? Or if I may put it was not ‘obvious’ by his mere appearance but only his acts and something deep down within them made them realize “It was the Lord”.
Before, I draw my hypothesis I would like to borrow a clincher from Mark as he zip-packs the whole ‘Emmaus’ episode in a verse: “After this he appeared in another form to two of them walking along on their way to the country.” – (cf Mk 16:12). Guess, this seals the deal (almost).
There are reasons for me to believe that ‘Jesus’ just might have taken another form in disguise after resurrection. Be it Mary Magdalene addressing our Lord as “Gardner” or the disciples not taken by surprise when Lord calls them “Children” or when he appeared in ‘another form’ to the two disciples on the way to ‘Emmaus’.

Take away? Well, if we ‘physically’ await HIM daily in clashroyaleboom HIS full glory then maybe our search may be endless and little that we know of Jesus he is a ‘disguise master’ and still disguises. If we fail to see HIM in the watchman or in our children that are seeking us every moment or in the elderly neighbor next door who smiles at us but says nothing or in our agnostic colleague or in our blessed ‘angels’ sitting outside the church or in our ‘zealous’ parents, then there are chances we may never see HIM.
May Lord bless us and we pray this not be true for our “…eyes were prevented from recognizing him” (cf Lk 24:16). But, each day seeing each other with Love we may confess: “My Lord and my God!” (cf Jn 20:28).

HE is present, HE is present in everyone – HE disguises still!

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